What is a White Card?

A white card is a mandatory accreditation for those wanting to engage in construction-related work in Australia. This card signifies that its holder has been trained to work safely in the construction industry. Whether you’re planning to be part of a construction crew, an event manager, or even someone involved in setting up stages, acquiring a white card is an essential step.

How Do I Get A White Card?

Here is a comprehensive guide on obtaining a white card:

1. Be Physically Present in Australia
You need to be in Australia to get the white card. While you can reserve a course slot from overseas via our website, nwcc.edu.au, actual participation in the course requires your presence in the country.

2. Get a USI (Unique Student Identifier)
Upon your arrival in Australia, ensure you obtain a USI. The process is straightforward: visit usi.gov.au/students/get-a-usi and follow the prompts. It generally takes just 5 minutes.

3. Enroll in the Course
If you haven’t already registered, visit nwcc.edu.au. Browse through the available courses, pick a suitable location and date, and proceed with the enrolment. Ensure you provide all necessary details and payment.

4. Preparing for the Course

  • USI: If you haven’t provided your USI during the online booking, make sure to bring it on the course day.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): You don’t need to worry about this; everything is provided at the venue.
  • Identification: The ID requirements vary. If you’ve been in Australia for over six weeks and are not in high school, you should meet the 100 points of ID requirements. Newcomers (less than six weeks) can present a passport with either a driver’s license from their home country or, if unavailable, a bank card. High school students can simply provide one ID form, such as a Student ID card, passport, driver’s license, or birth certificate.

5. Course Participation and Certification
There’s no need for prior knowledge. The course will impart all necessary skills and knowledge on the day itself. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive your white card certification, allowing you to delve into construction work immediately.

The white card course is versatile, catering to various professions beyond just construction workers. From engineers to delivery drivers, construction office staff, bush regenerators, and event management personnel – we’ve had them all in our classrooms. Age limits for the course vary by state. While most states have a limit of 14 years, Queensland permits enrolments for individuals as young as 12. For bookings and inquiries, visit nwcc.edu.au or call us at 1300 988 181.

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